Terry Carlson
Irlen Services Northwest, LLC
Extremely Insightful Information

Melissa's session was spot on for reminding me to be thoughtful about different personality types! I appreciate her expertise and insight! Thank you for sharing!

Sandi MacCalla
Etiquette For You & LifeSkills Academie
Amazing Information for a Time Such as This

Lara Currie's very timely wisdom in today's (4/21/20) virtual Lunch & Learn is spot-on for all of us on the planet dealing with not only the pandemic, but so many critical changes to health.

And KUDO's to Tina Mitchell for featuring this very relevant speaker and to continue to lead the marketplace with important information. Tina, her team and Highlands Mortgage set a bar of excellence for all of us. Thank you for the excellent information!

Brenda Nolan
Coldwell Banker Bain
It's Just A Rental, right?

Melissa Masterleo, Coldwell Banker Bain - "It's Just a Rental, Right?"
Melissa nailed all the details and did it with humor and interaction with the audience.

Sarah Reed
Wonderful Insider Info

Melissa Masterleo, Coldwell Banker Bain - "It's Just a Rental, Right?"
Thank you so much for the great info and talking points you provided us. I sure appreciate you sharing your industry insight in this class!

Laurie Hardie
Coach Laurie

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
I was invited to this event and wasn't sure what to expect. Boy was I surprised, a free lunch, amazing connections, and a very interesting presentation that I am still thinking about a day later.
What a wonderful opportunity to be in the community and get wonderful information to help build my business. Thank you, Tina Mitchell.

Sondra Earley
Collective Innovative Solutions, LLC
This was an hour well spent. Excellent opportunity to learn and network

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
In addition to the tips Matt discussed, I liked the sections on Loyalty and Tribes. Thank you, Matt.
Thank you, Tina, for the invitation to the Lunch and Learn. I appreciate you and Victoria for your ever welcoming presence and thoughtfulness.

Melissa Lavigne
LEADS Referral Network
Wonderful way to provide valuable information

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
Great information about creating your brand. Some key points I loved were-
-Communication is 2 way
-support those who support you!
-Know your audience
-find a mentor and BE a mentor
-Freakonomics podcast 359 (excited to watch it)
Thank you Tina Mitchell and Matt Wong for a lovely afternoon lunch!!

John A Torkelson
Protection Home Inspection
A great opportunity to learn and Network

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
I appreciate being part of Tina's tribe. The commitment she has to help others succeed is unparallel. The power hour lunch and learn was well worth the time. I will definitely attend again.

Leanne Kabat
5 Seasons Life
Excellent insight into personal branding

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
The Power Hour Lunch & Learn with Matt Wong of T-Mobile contained so many insights into how to develop a brand that signifies who we are and what we stand for in the marketplace. I really appreciate Tina Mitchell for creating a space for such impactful learning.

Gloria Chien
VIS Designs
Best branding talk ever

Matt Wong, T-Mobile - "Managing Your Personal Brand"
This is the best personal and company branding seminar I have ever had! Lot’s of valuable information from the educational perspective. What today’s talk stood out is that Matt didn't just talk about the “what”, but also told us the “why” behind the branding. I am sure I will do better with the "how" in the future.